Creativity Sessions

These sessions are designed to give you and your team a deeper understanding of what creative thinking is and a set of resources to allow you to develop that creative thinking to it's full potential.

Your session will be tailored to suit your needs and will center around a series of games and challenges and discussions that your team will work through.

You can find examples of these games at our other site Creativity Games. The games we will play in the sessions however are designed to work well in groups.

A typical session will consist of the following:

  • A discussion with the group to determine peoples backgrounds and what you really want to get out of the session.
  • A series of games and challenges to develop your teams creative thinking.
  • Debriefing where we discuss what we have just achieved and how you can further incorporate this into future work/ meetings/ training etc.


The best part is that I will be explaining as I go and you will be able to easily incorporate the material into future meetings etc. The benefits of this session will not stop once the session is over.



I have always been interested in how and why people do things and how they can do them better. In my work teaching IT at UTS I have discovered that creative thinking is a powerful resource for creating great solutions. Over the last few years I have been refining ways to promote and foster this in my students and been having brilliant success with it. Now you have the opportunity to get the same benefits for you and your team.



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Sydney Professional Development Forum

'Ryan Chadwick has been running ice-breaker sessions for the Sydney Professional Development Forum PDF Pathways session, a group dedicated to assist with the practical aspect of career success with young professionals in Sydney.

Ryan is a strong presenter who has designed a solid program of creative exercises which effectively engages the audience. The ice-breaker sessions that he runs affords the audience members an opportunity to interact and creates a comfortable setting prior to the panel discussions. Moreover, Ryan took the extra step to understand the philosophy of the group and has incorporated this in the delivery of the exercises which resulted in some very positive feedback from our members.

I would highly recommend Ryan for similar engagements.'

Jeffery Wang – Founder, Sydney Professional Development Forum


UNSW Entrepreneurs Society

'Ryan's session with us at UNSW was fun and mentally invigorating. With his games and elliptical techniques, it opened up channels less traversed, and once so, we found interesting and new ways to divert our thought. Word games, associative activities, force an unusual way to think, but not without a function. Importantly, these activities weren't condensed to simply being creative for the sake of creativity, but it was made clear how important this style was in business: That doing things better, means doing things differently. And how do you approach something differently? In a novel, unexplored manner.
Often takes a contrary approach to approach work creatively.
Ryan taught us this, within the short time we had and it was rewarding and definitely a good experience!'

Sebastian Weiss - President UNSW Entrepreneurs Society


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UTS Entrepreneurs Society

'Ryan's Brainstorming sessions have been an amazing workshop to encourage and teach students and budding entrepreneurs ways to think creatively. His sessions have been always engaging and fun to part take in. They are structured in a way that all participants have a good opportunity to exercise their creative selves. Many amazing ideas have come out of the Brainstorming sessions we have held at ACESUTS, including the 'Buzz Club'. This has become an accountability meet up, that we have adopted to become a monthly event.

Working with Ryan has been a delight and he does an excellent job with directing the constructive work in the sessions. He is well prepared and comes with an open mind to challenge the norms of thinking. It is really great that the sessions can be focused on a topic of your choice. As it helps provide solutions you may have never thought of otherwise.
If your stuck on ideas, or need a boost of some creativity these sessions I believe will most definitely help.'

Edison Xie - President UTS Entrepreneurs Society